Acne Scar Routine – My Nightly Skincare [Video]

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Hi everyone, it’s Stacy!

I realized I haven’t done a routine video [ever] for you guys, and I know a lot of you message me asking for my exact routine.

Last night I was getting ready for bed and decided I would film a quick video showing you my exact routine.

I find when I stick to my routine on a weekly or monthly basis, I see my skin continually heal and improve, and I feel and look my best.

Over the past few years, this is the routine I’ve seen the best results from, as my skin turns over and heals.

My weekly / monthly routine

One note is since skin takes time to regenerate, turnover and heal, you shouldn’t derma-pen or microneedle more than 1X week lightly, or 1X a month depending on your goals, how deep you go, and your skin sensitivity.

**This is something to start very lightly with and test on your own skin. It is not something to be rushed into and you always have to test lightly with your skin and act with care.

One note is I only do my routine when I know I don’t have any important event within 3-5 days as the first few days my skin is a bit red and healing.

Always start very lightly with both the derma-pen and copper peptides, as all our skins are different and you don’t want to overdo it in any way. A little goes a long way.

My specific routine

1) 1X a week, or 1X a month, I lightly wash my face and rub a light layer of avocado oil onto it.

2) I take a new derma-pen and lightly press the dermapen over the scarred areas in 5 or so different directions

3) Then I take a light layer of copper peptides and use my finger to gently place them on the scarred areas (and over the rest of my face as I desire like a face-mask for the healing benefits).

4) I then put a light layer of derma-e gel over the peptides to lock in the moisture and allow for the full healing under a layer of moisture.

4) In the morning I use ice-cubes to wash the copper peptides off my face as they are a bright blue

5) Each night after I put a light layer of copper peptides + derma-e gel on the area

6) After a few days there is no more redness, and I can continue to layer copper peptides on the skin and allow it to continue to regenerate for the next week or 30 days.

After each process I see substantial improvement in my skin and scarred areas. I see the healing process after each derma-pen + copper peptide session.

I find it is best when I allow my skin a full 30 days inbetween to fully regenerate and heal, which matches with the time it takes to allow the skin to regenerate a full new layer of skin.

The skin takes time to heal

It takes time (!) skin does not magically go from deeply scarred to perfect with one round of derma pen + copper peptides, but I see improvement after each time.

For me, I see the derma pen break up my damaged skin, and allow for deeper penetration of the copper peptides.

The derma pen + the copper peptides kickstart the healing process, and speed up the cell turnover.

Each session I see my skin improve, the dead, damaged scarred skin flake off, and my new skin grow in plumper and smoother.

Over time I’ve seen my scarring go from super deep to smooth and plump, and for the past few years I have been able to put a light moisturizer on and walk outside each day (instead of slathering on makeup and oils to try to hide my scarring as I used to).

Send me a note if you have any questions about my weekly / monthly routine, and I am always happy to help.



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