Many of you have had incredible results, and absolutely loved the products.

I wanted to share some customer experiences with you all here:

Denise – 1.5mm Derma-Roller

Customer Denise,  who ordered the 1mm derma-roller, who messaged me saying,

“I absolutely love the order!! Thank you!!!

I will also be ordering more soon. Just amazing!”

– Denise

Edwin – Copper Peptides, 1.5mm Derma-Roller,  Avocado Oil Cleanser, LacSal Exfoliating Serum

Edwin is another many-time repeat customer who is always fun to speak with. He messaged me saying,

“It’s always a pleasure chatting with you, I want to thank you for your products. They work, I had to say that because too often people push products that don’t do what they are supposed to. This is not the case with your products I have seen so much improvement as I continue my journey to better skin.”


Wanted to share a few more words from happy customers:

Pammy – Copper Peptide Cream

Hey Stacy, thanks for checking in..and yes I’m really happy with the copper cream.


Beanoki – 1.5mm Derma-Roller

awesome!! thank you 🙂 I just ordered the 1.5mm – I will get another 1mm mid-feb when I can afford it a little bit easier as I’m off work until then.


Sumeet – Copper Peptides & 1.5mm Derma-Roller

Evertything was perfect! Thank you for the product and for your help Stacy 🙂


Stephanie – Lactic Acid Exfoliation Cream

I’ve tried so many things to no avail so I’m so excited this is coming from someone who has had to deal with this themselves. Thank you so much!!


I am always grateful to hear from you all, and also very grateful for all of your business, results, and kind words.