Home Remedies For Acne Scars Overnight: How To & Results

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Acne Scar Overnight Home Remedies

There are quite a few overnight acne scar treatments.

Many treatments are simply applying serums onto the skin overnight and letting the serum work to help the skin heal:

  1. Overnight Copper Peptide application, such as Super Cop 2X
  2. Vitamin C Serum application Morning and/or Night
  3. Exfoliation Creams, such as LacSal, Morning and/or Night application
  4. Coconut Oil & other natural oil applications
  5. Salicylic acid application

All of these serums are methods you can use to help heal acne scars due to their beneficial ingredients and effects on the skin including acne scarring, especially if the scarring is not very deep.

For deeper atrophic indented acne scarring, overnight at-home remedies will be more effective when they involve a treatment able to reach more deeply into the skin such as one that includes at-home microneedling in the form of either derma-rolling or derma-pen use, followed by one of the different types of scar healing serums.

Using a microneedling device at home before applying a copper peptide or Vitamin C serum is one of the most effective overnight acne scar remedies.

I personally use microneedling 1-2X a month, and use the Super Cop copper peptide cream each night, and then Vitamin C serum + exfoliation cream each morning. I have found that to be the most effective overnight + morning acne scar healing combination.

It works well because the microneedling device is able to help loosen the top layer of damaged skin to encourage it to come off.

Additionally, the microneedling device creates tiny micro-injuries in the skin that stimulate the skin’s healing response in an easily repairable way so it can effectively and smoothly heal the skin that currently has acne scar damage.

The last benefit of at-home micro-needling before going to bed as an acne scar home remedy is that it also opens up the skin so it can receive the serum put on it at a deeper level to more effectively treat the skin and scarring.

This means the serum is able to reach deeper into the skin and deliver its healing ingredients, being more effective on skin that has just been microneedled.

To help heal deeper acne scars overnight at home, one of the most effective options is using an at-home microneedling tool and then applying a serum that delivers healing, collagen boosting ingredients to the skin to help it heal.

Below I’ll explain the microneedling + copper peptide serum I’ve used to help my acne scarring heal at home overnight in an easily followable process.

Copper Peptide Microneedling Acne Scar Overnight Remedy How to:

Here’s how to execute the at-home microneedling and copper peptide acne scar overnight remedy process:

  1. Before bed-time, use a 1mm or 1.5mm derma-roller, or a .5mm or 1mm derma pen, and start with a lower needle length if it is your first time doing it at home.

    You can only use each roller or pen a handful of times before you need to replace it, so you can purchase a longer length needle the next time you do it if you want to go deeper the next time.

    Take the derma-roller and keeping the pressure light and steady, lightly roll back and forth 5 times at different angles on the scarred areas. If you’re using the derma-pen, lightly press 5 times at different angles into the scarred areas.

    Your face will be a little red after this but remember not to overdo it. After rolling or using the derma pen your skin now has small micro-injuries that are easy for your skin to heal and that cause your skin to kickstart its own healing process, regrowing collagen to smooth over the area you used the derma-roller or derma-pen on.

  2. The second benefit of the at-home derma-roller or pen use is now your skin is opened up and more receptive to healing ingredients that will go deeper into the skin and be more beneficial.

    Now is the time to put a thin layer of bright blue copper peptide cream (one reason this is better to do at night is that copper peptides are naturally bright blue so you can’t exactly walk around during the day with bright blue cream on your face), Super Cop 2X cream onto the areas you microneedled on.

    Copper peptides help the at home microneedling process because they also help break down thicker scarred skin areas so it comes off more easily, and it is a skin building block that gives the skin ingredients to repair and re-grow healthy new skin underneath.

    Here is a photo of me at night with bright blue copper peptide cream on after microneedling.

  3. Next you need to put your used derma-roller or pen into 70% isopropyl alcohol to soak for 5 minutes to clean the bacteria from it so you can use it again. You’ll only be able to use your derma-roller or pen a handful of times, 5 maximum before it becomes dull and you need to get an new one, but it is essential to clean inbetween each use.
  4. The next morning you can wash your face and continue with your normal skincare routine. You don’t want to put makeup on right after derma-rolling, but 8 hours after the next day is fine. I like to put Vitamin C serum on after washing my face the next morning because that is also an ingredient that promotes collagen production, reduces discoloration and helps skin heal.
  5. Then every night for the next 2-3 weeks, keep applying copper peptide cream to the areas of your face you used the derma-roller or pen on to help the healing process continue.
  6. You’ll want to wait 3-6 weeks before using the at-home microneedling roller or pen again so your skin has a chance to heal and rebuild collagen and skin turnover inbetween each use. Each time you do this you will see small improvements and after a few months the improvement will be much more noticeable.
  7. Note: Make sure you never use a derma-roller or pen on areas with active acne or areas that are open wounds.

    Overnight Acne Scar Treatment Results

    Here is a result picture from following this at-home overnight acne scar remedy:

    rolling acne scar side healing

    I posted more of my before and after acne scar photos here as well.

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